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1100℃ Mini Muffle Furnace

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1100℃ Mini Muffle Furnace



With the features of small volume, low energy consumption and light weight, the mini furnace is convenient for every person hold one set in the laboratory. It use electric resistance wire as heating element, adopted carbon steel shell structure and intelligent temperature control system;


Main function and features:

1. Furnace chamber adopted high quality alumina polycrystalline fiber, which used Japanese technology (vac-sorb forming alumina polycrystalline fiber) with good insulation and durability properties, high tensile strength and no miscellaneous ball; So this furnace much more energy saving than the furnace use common fiber materials.

2. Heating elements use high quality alloy wire 0Cr27Al7Mo2.

3. Reserved data transfer interface, can be connected with PC through software. It has remote control, real time tracking, history recorder, and output report function.

4. Over-temperature will alarm and automatic cut off the power; and with leakage protection function, operation very safe.


Main applications:

Universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do the powder sintering , sintering of ceramics, high temperature experiments, material handling, quality inspection purposes.




SXL-1100M (CE certificate No.: GB/1067/4189/12 Issue)

Furnace chamber    (D x W x H)

100*100*100mm (capacity: 1 L)

Furnace shell structure

Double shell

Furnace door structure

Side open

Furnace chamber

vac-sorb forming high quality alumina polycrystalline fiber

Heating elements

0Cr27Al7Mo2 alloy wire

Working temperature

Continuous working temperature ≤1000℃;

Max. Temperature: 1050℃

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