February 18,2016

DOE: Energy Frontier Research Centers

  • Release Date:02-08-2016
  • Open Date:02-08-2016
  • Due Date:04-19-2016
  • Close Date:04-19-2016

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) announces its interest in receiving applications for new Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) in scientific research areas relevant to the Department’s environmental management mission and aligned with the BES core research areas in materials and chemical sciences. More specifically, BES solicits applications in two topical areas: 1) novel and innovative methods for characterization, transformation, and separation of nuclear waste; and 2) new materials for long-term storage of nuclear waste, including waste forms. Research related to contaminant fate and transport in subsurface geological environments is outside the scope of this FOA. The goal of this FOA is to initiate new multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary EFRCs aimed at accelerating scientific breakthroughs in areas that will be likely to have a dramatic impact on the cost and efficacy of future technologies for nuclear waste cleanup and storage