Spin Coating

Spin coating is one of the most powerful methods to make thin films and coatings Chemat offers two lines of spin coating systems: the affordable KW-4 series for entry-level applications and the progr

Chemical Vapor Deposition-CVD

en chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems are an easy to use economical systems which can uniformly deposit diverse thin film materials, including semiconductors, silicon carbide (SiC), metal nitrid


Electrospinning is a simple and versatile method for generating ultrathin fibers from a rich variety of materials that include polymers, composites and ceramics. This nonmechanical, electrostatic tec

Dip Coating

Fiber Drawing

Ball Milling

Spray Drying


HT2 furnaces are branded high quality furnaces with many unique features. In addition, Chemat has a full spectrum of furnaces for you to choose for your applications.

Environmental Testing

CHEMAT Environmental Test Chambers are designed to accurately simulate the varying thermal and climatic conditions products will face during transport, storage and use. CHEMAT environmental test cham

Glove Boxes

Glove boxes are containers sealed off and isolated from the atmosphere and lab environment to create a controlled, containment system. This equipment is useful for many applications.



Battery Materials/ Equipment

Optical Lab Equipment



Optical Lab System

Complete Optical Lab System

Chemalux Coater

Chemalux Coater

Plasma Cleaners

Pressing & Dies

Distillation & Evaporation Equipment

Benchtop Instruments

Refrigerators, Freezers & Cryogenics

Mixers, Shakers and Stirrers


Thickness Measurement