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KW-4A Spin Coater 110V

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KW-4A Spin Coater 110V

KW-4A is a compact and easy-to-use spin coater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its rugged More



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The Rugged, Portable Vibration-free and Design is Ideal for Research applications. A Two-Stage Spin Process allows dispensing at low speeds ​​and homogenizing the Coating at High Speed. Features a Teflon®-coated Stainless Steel Coating Bowl. Shown in photo with a 2 inch diameter, CG Type Aluminum Vacuum Chuck (not included with unit). Order chucks separately.

Front Panel Controls:
Digital Readout in Speed ​​1,000 rpm
Timer Controls, Stage I and Stage II
Speed ​​Controls, Stage I and Stage II
Control switch
Vacuum switch
Power switch
Start switch


​Stage 1: 500-2,500 rpm, 2-18 Seconds 2-Stage Spinning 

Stage 2: 1,000 - 8,000 rpm, 3-60 Seconds

Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Amp 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 Amp

Vacuum:  2.1 CFM

Speed ​​Stability:  <1%


2015/6/1 0:00:00 CrystEngComm

Chiral discrimination by a cellulose polymer: differential crystallization inhibition of enantiomers in amorphous dispersions

Takafumi Satoab and Lynne S. Taylor*a

... Followed by Removal of the coverslip or ATP and the Polymer Dissolved in acetone Were Followed
by spin Coating Onto a KRS-5 Substrates using a  KW-4A spin coater (Chemat Technology Inc.,
Northridge, CA) at about 2000 spin rate rpm. The fast spinning action resulted in a thin ...

December 2011 AAPS PharmSciTech

Understanding the Tendency of Amorphous Solid Dispersions to Undergo Amorphous–Amorphous Phase Separation in the Presence of Absorbed Moisture

Alfred C. F. Rumondor, Håkan Wikström, Bernard Van Eerdenbrugh, Lynne S. Taylor

... of the solution were then placed on ZnS or KRS-5 substrates, which were immediately rotated
on a KW- 4A two-stage spin coater (Chemat Technology, Northridge, California, USA) at
500/2,500 rpm for 18 and 30 s, respec- tively. Immediately after spin-coating, the substrates ...

September 2015 BioNanoScience

Organic Memristive Device Based on Polyaniline Film Prepared by Spin Coating

D. A. Lapkin, A. N. KorovinAffiliated with National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” Email author , V. A. Demin, A. V. Emelyanov, S. N. Chvalun

... The film deposition. Spin coating was done with CHEMAT KW-4A spin coater. A 0.04-ml drop of PANI-CSA dispersion was quickly spread on the glass substrate and spin coated with 8500 rpm for 20 s in air. High spin -coating ...

August 2014 Sensor Letters

Comparative NH3-Sensing Properties in Tetra-Iso-Pentyloxymetalophthalocyanine Spin-Coating Films

Wang, Bin; Wang, Xiaolin; Wu, Yiqun; Chen, Zhimin; He, Chunying

... MPc-4 films were fabricated with spin-coating tech- nique using a KW-4A precision spin-coater Chemat Technology ... s and 2500 rpm thereafter for 30 s. Films of best quality were achieved by initiating the spin and then applying a single drop slowly to the spinning surface. ...

February 2015 Materials Chemistry and Physics

Transverse piezoelectric properties of {100}–Oriented PLZT [x/65/35] thin films

S. Laxmi Priyaa, V. Kumara, , , , Fumiya Kurokawab, Isaku Kannob

Finally, PLZT films were coated above the ST layers by spin-coating (Model: KW-4A, Chemat technologies, USA) process at a speed of 4000 rpm for 25 s The coated PLZT layers were dried at 110 ° C for 15 min. and then annealed in two stages, initially at 400 ° C for 10 min

November 2015 Carbohydrate Polymers

The efficient hemostatic effect of Antarctic krill chitosan is related to its hydration property

Shuai Wua, d, Zhuoyao Huanga, Jianhui Yuea, d, Di Liua, c, Ting Wanga, Pierre Ezannoa, Changshun Ruana, d, Xiaoli Zhaoa, d, , , William W. Lub, Haobo Pana, d

Chitosan thin film was prepared on the round cover slice by the spin-coating (Chemat Technology spin-coater), and dried at 60 ° C in a vacuum oven for 12 h. Films were then sterilized by ultraviolet light. 2.3. Chitosan characterization.

April 2015 Springer Link

Preparation and properties of a flexible night vision imaging system filter for avionic LED displays

Kaiyuan YangAffiliated with College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Tech University , Lixi Wang, Qitu Zhang

After spinning for 25 min, the film was taken out and pressured by a mould whose size is 165 mm (l) × 165 mm (w) × 0.2 mm (h). Finally, a near-infrared absorbing layer about 0.1 mm thickness was ... The coating process was controlled by a spin coater (CHEMAT, KW-4A)

July 2014 Wiley Online Library

Ionic liquid matrices for improved detection of proteins and polymers in time‐of‐flight secondary ion mass spectrometry

Jennifer J. Dertinger, Amy V. Walker

800 μl) was spun coat onto a ~ 1 cm 2 Si wafer using a Chemat KW-4A spin coater (Chemat Technologies, Inc, Northridge, CA). To ensure that the maximum signal intensities were obtained, the solutions of the analyte and IL were mixed for 1-2 min prior to spin coating.

October 2014 ScienceDirect

Structural, dielectric, ferroelectric and optical properties of PBCT, PBST and PCST complex thin films on LaNiO 3 metallic conductive oxide layer coated Si substrates …

D.S.L. Pontesa, A.J. Chiquitob, F.M. Pontesc, , , E. Longoa, d

These coating / drying operations were repeated until the desired thickness was obtained. PBCT60, PBST60 and PCST60 precursor solutions were spin-coated at 7200 revolutions / min for 30 s by a spin coater (KW-4A model, Chemat Technology).

May 2014 Journal of Electrochemical Society

Fingerprinting Lithium-Sulfur Battery Reaction Products by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Kevin H. Wujcika,b,*, Juan Velasco-Velezc, Cheng Hao Wuc,d,**, Tod Pascale, Alexander A. Terana,b, Matthew A. Marcusf, Jordi Cabanab,g,*, Jinghua Guof, David Prendergastc, Miquel Salmeronc and Nitash P. Balsaraa,b,c,*,z

Thin films of polysulfide-containing polymer electrolyte were obtained by spin coating onto silicon wafers. Spin coating was performed in an argon-filled glove box at room temperature. Films were spin coated using a Chemat KW-4A spin coater.

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