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Spin Master 50

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Spin Master 50

SpinMaster 50 is a compact and easy-to-use spin coater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. I More



SpinMaster 50 IS A Compact and Easy-to-use Spin coater for Precise and Uniform Deposition of Thin Films and
Coatings. Its Rugged, Vibration-as Free and Portable Design Makes IT A Versatile Tool for your Research Facility.
Stainless Enclosure and of HDPE Coating's Bowl Provides Compatibility and Durability Rev Chemical. Simple the A TWO-Stage
Spin Process android.permission Dispensing AT Low Speed ​​and High Speed ​​homogenizing at The Coating's AT. SpinMaster 50 at The Spin
coater CAN BE Used to Deposit Metal oxide Thin Films, Coatings and Metal Organic Polymer Thin Films.


Depth: 10.0 inch
the Width: 8.5 inch
the Height: 8.5 inch
2-a Stage Spinning
a Stage 1: 500-2500 RPM
2-18 seconds The
a Stage 2: 1000-8000 RPM
3-60 seconds The
the Power
115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 amp
220 VAC , 50 Hz, 1 amp
Varian Vacuum> 2.1

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